Voice Over Services

Tina@TinaTalksVoiceOvers.com     520-576-2675

Tina provides quality voice over services with an adult voice that is native-California, accent-free, neutral-American.

Tina provides high quality voice overs for :

  • Documentaries
  • Web Video
  • Narration
  • e-Learning
  • Corporate

Delivering files in the following formats:  MP3, WAV and AIFF

Whatever your project,  Tina Sherritt has a voice that your customers will listen to, believe and trust. Tina will capture and sustain your audience with a fresh, engaging, genuine, and friendly approach, and provide rapid turn around for each and every voice over project!

  • Contact:  Tina Sherritt  520-576-2675
  • Email:  Tina@TinaTalksVoiceOvers.com